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Did you know that your company can secure funding, contracts, and public work assignments? This is achievable by participating in electronic tenders, which are like virtual auctions open to businesses of all kinds.

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A telematic tender is like a virtual auction for the allocation of public works, where the competition notice is posted directly online, opening the doors to businesses of all types to submit their bids. It’s a modern approach with clear advantages for both the public sector and companies like yours.

However, be aware that participating in these tenders requires a precise strategy. You’ll need to avoid common obstacles that can jeopardize your participation. These obstacles include not fully understanding the specifications, submitting incomplete or incorrect documents, overlooking seemingly insignificant details, and missing crucial deadlines.

This is where Medis comes into play. We’ll be by your side to guide you through this intricate process, offering expert consultancy in every aspect and refining your participation strategies. Your success is our mission.


If you don’t know how to do it or where to start, we’ll do it for you: we find the suitable Tenders for your category and devise the best strategy to submit your bid. It will then be very simple for you to produce the required documents and send them with our supervision.


You will avoid making mistakes that could exclude you from tenders because missing the opportunity to participate not only wastes your time and resources but also deprives you of the chance to secure new contracts, new clients, and new earnings.

Finally, we provide support for all post-tender activities to ensure that your application is successful.


We provide you with comprehensive support to carry out all the necessary activities to confirm requirements and manage any anomalies in the documentation submitted before the closure of the case.



We are a team of professionals, and for over 20 years, we have assisted hundreds of companies in securing funding, contracts, and new deals that have enabled businesses to grow and achieve significant milestones in the quality and economic aspects of the services offered.

Because Medis also provides business and technical-administrative consultancy, staff and supplier management, design, coordination, and development of your company, and much more.

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The main advantages of participating in electronic tenders include the reduction of printing and document shipping costs, the ability to participate in tenders in different locations without the need for physical travel, and a more transparent and traceable process.

The requirements to participate in an electronic tender can vary, but in general, registration on the electronic platform, submission of administrative documents, and meeting the required technical and professional qualifications are usually required.

It is possible to improve the chances of success in electronic tenders by adopting strategies such as customizing the proposal, highlighting the distinctive elements of the company, and paying attention to details in the graphical presentation.

Common mistakes to avoid include a lack of understanding of the tender notice specifications, the submission of incomplete or non-compliant documents, and a lack of timeliness in submitting bids.

Specialized consultancy can provide valuable support in participating in electronic tenders. Medis guides its clients throughout the entire process, offering advice on each phase and optimizing participation strategies.