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The consultancy services provided by Medis involve highly customized assignments where the necessary areas for efficient organization are identified.

This includes conducting analyses of functions, role assignments, budget planning, defining scientific activities, strategic development with suppliers, market analyses, and more.

Consultancy services encompass the execution of specific projects and tasks related to the identification, composition, analysis, design, coordination, and development of various activities.

The strategic goal is to create a healthy and structured environment for the achievement of objectives that create value and endure over time.


Our services

Our consultations are customizable based on the needs and type of client. Below, we list the available services.

Consulting for the assessment of medical devices, prosthetics, equipment, and software.

Don't waste time, choose MEDIS to test your products.

Consulting for the planning of clinical studies.

Optimize the procedures and demonstrate the effectiveness of what you propose or do."

Business consultancy

Grow your company's operations.

Organizational consultancy

Make your business more effective and efficient.

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Consulting for the assessment of medical devices, prosthetics, equipment, and software.​

Often, manufacturing companies need to engage with knowledgeable experts to present their products, or even more so, their projects, ideas, and prototypes before bringing them to the market.

Medis collaborates with experienced professionals who conduct a thorough examination of the products in terms of performance, identifying any issues, suggesting corrections or modifications, evaluating functionality, applicability, and outcomes (actual or potentially expected).

We are ready to work with you at every stage of the experimental journey of your product, right up to the point of introducing it to the market. Our consultancy will assist you in defining the optimal strategy to obtain approval and support in experimental design.

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Consulting for the planning of clinical studies.​

Clinical studies are studies conducted on humans and provide the opportunity to demonstrate whether a device, a drug, a prosthesis, a type of surgery, or a medical practice is safe and effective, and that the risk associated with use or intervention and the potential benefit are in a favorable balance. They also aim to establish whether and to what extent a diagnostic or therapeutic procedure is superior to those currently in use.

Medis collaborates with experts in the field of medical statistics, providing the opportunity to conduct Clinical Studies.

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Business consultancy​

MEDIS possesses extensive experience and the right expertise necessary to conduct in-depth analyses, accelerate innovation, achieve greater efficiency, and seamlessly integrate with your internal team.

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Organizational consultancy​

Medis conducts a careful and positive management of human resources. It evaluates dedicated paths for personal and professional growth. The goal is to achieve an effective and efficient corporate structure, with a loyal, well-trained, and rewarded workforce, in the context of organizational well-being.

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